Uber in Toronto: Are the Cabbies Right Or Does Uber Have the Right To Operate in TO

There’s been a massive controversy lately with cab drivers basically attempting to shut down whole city streets in anger at Uber.

They claim its taking away business from them and drastically lowering their own income.

At the same, is it really worth shutting down streets and pissing off ordinary people to get their voices heard?  The cab drivers think so, but most ordinary people think that their protests are making people dislike cab drivers even more.

Ever seen I started using Uber, I’ve been very happy with the service.   I started with a free ride from a promo uber code I found on http://www.uberpromocodetoronto.ca/,

However, there are some valid points that the cab drivers have despite their unsavory methods.

Disadvantages of Uber-

1)  Lack of proper insurance.  This is a major criticism.

2)  Surge rates can go upto incredibly high amounts (3 to 4x on busy nights, I’ve seen surge hit 5x).

However, beyond that Uber is a better user experience on the overall, and I’m very happy with my experience with them.

Let’s recap some of the advantages-

1)  Calling Ubers is easy through their mobile app, thus saving a lot of time.  Nothing sucks more than trying to hail a cab in -20 weather.  Uber allows you to call an Uber and then you can go outside when its there.

2)  Uber’s payment system is much better, since you don’t have to fumble for cash.  It automatically charges you card.  You get in, and when your ride’s done you get out.  There’s no stumbling around for change.

3)  Uber is generally cheaper because it charges 20-30% less than cabs in Toronto.  An Uber car ride from my home to the airport is around 45-50$, while with cabs its 70$.

Overall Uber wins because of its excellent user experience.  Sure, Surge rates do suck, but they’re not an issue unless you’re out at night a ton.

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How to Save Money On Your Home Studio By Reducing Electricity Costs

Owning a home studio to record your own music is an incredible boon.  You save a lot of money by not renting out music studios for a hour or two.  Additionally you’re not rushed and have unlimited time to get things done at your own pace.

However, one of the major downfalls of running a home studio is that all that bloody equipment costs a lot of money!

Here are some ways to reduce operating costs by making some changes to your studio.

Insulate the Walls and Ceiling

If you live in Ontario, you know how brutal the winters can be.  Your home studio is probably one of the largest rooms in the house, and one where you want it to be warm while you record music.  Invest in some quality insulation for your home studio, and for your whole house.  This can drastically reduce your electric bills.

Also ensure that you reduce the thermostat when its not in use.  I turn off all heating when I’m not using the studio, and set it to around 70 F(which is a comfortable temperature for me) for when I’m using it.

mississauga electricians

Unplug When Not in Use

Unplug all your audio equipment when it’s not in use.  You can save around 10 percent on your home studio electricity bills by unplugging your equipment when it’s not in use.

Use LED Lighting

I’m going to guess your home studio is well lit.  That means using the wrong type of lighting can result in costs adding up if you have a lot of lighting in the room.  LED lighting is easily 75 percent cheaper in the long run than conventional lighting and switching over can help you make a major dent in electricity bills.

Fix any Air Leaks

A common way that people lose heat from their home is through air leaks at windows at doors.  Hire a certified electrician to take a look at that for you and perhaps caulk the windows.  I personally hired an acquaintance of mine, who is known as one of the best Mississauga electricians.   You want to make sure that all your doors are airtight even inside your house as you could lose a lot of heat to unused rooms.  If you have a basement you absolutely want to make sure that heat doesn’t leak down to under there, because that’ll massively drive up your electricity bill.

cool home studio




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Why You Should Paint Your Toronto House in Bright Colors to Stimulate Musical Creativity

There’s plenty of evidence to show that colors have a psychological effect on people, and that includes musicians like you and me. Colors can and do affect your mood, make you feel happy, sad, moody, uplifted and etc., etc. But what about those days when you can’t find the words for a song and need a creative boost?

Well, the answer is bright, vivid colors. The brighter the colors, the easier your creative juices will flow.  I would highly recommend hiring a professional painter.  My friend Mike from http://paintersgta.ca/ is the one who painted our house.

painters toronto

Why Bright Colors?

Colors affect people in different ways, but study after study has shown that musicians, poets, painters and artists in general benefit from bright colors like red, orange, yellow, bright green because they lift you up. Yes it’s true that musicians can and do write songs when they’re down, but it’s much easier when your home studio is surrounded by bright colors.

And bright colors aren’t just for songwriting either, as it’s also great for getting out those guitar licks and riffs and other things. Even if you don’t have the facts and figures, it’s something that you have probably felt and noticed, but ever wonder why this is so? Here’s what psychologists say.


Bright, vivid red has always been associated with fiery emotions, so it’s especially good for writing rock songs and unleashing those guitar riffs. There’s also evidence that red stimulates your adrenal and pituitary glands and produces adrenaline, and with adrenaline you’ll be able to do more. Another thing about red is it stimulates your senses and as any musician will tell you, that makes all the difference.


When it comes to bright colors the first that usually comes to mind is yellow. Yellow is all about optimism, balance and hope. There’s a reason why these emotions are associated with the color since it’s exactly what people feel when they’re around it, and guitarists are no exception. If you take a look at music studios and art classes you’ll see various shades of yellow used, and that’s because it boosts creativity.


Orange is between red and yellow, and it’s just as good for stimulating creativity and learning. Orange alone works, but when you combine it with red and yellow you’ll notice the difference quickly. Of course your house doesn’t need to be drenched in bright hues, but using these colors in the rooms and areas you work in is going to have an impact the next time you set out to write a song.

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How to Buy a Guitar in Toronto

With the busy streets and shops in the city of Toronto, even buying a guitar could take too much of your time. Hence, it is best to make plans and know what to do before heading out the music store, especially when you’re a newbie.

Acoustic or Electric, Price and Quality

First and foremost, know what kind of guitar you need. To start off, it is best to stick with acoustic guitars if you’re still a newbie. However, check out the item before purchasing. As for acoustic guitars, it is imperative to test the guitar’s wood, as good wood comes good quality sound.

Guitar Store

On the other hand, purchase electric guitars when you’ve already mastered more than the basics or perhaps even when you’re already a pro. This is because with electric guitars, you will be able to use gadgets hence allowing you to create more sounds than that of using an acoustic guitar. When buying electric guitars, it is important to get to know the suggested brands in the market first. You can do this by asking the attendants or doing the research by yourself online.

Where to Buy

When you’re ready to buy your selected type and brand of guitar, the dilemma now is where to buy it. You have two choices. You can either visit your favorite local music stores or do it online. As Toronto is a big city, and if you’re a newbie, you can also start by checking out the available stores in the entire city online so you’ll know which one’s recommended and which one’s near you.


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Top 10 Tips for A Newbie Guitarist

1.    Hire a Music Instructor

First and foremost, make sure you get your own music instructor, or better yet enroll yourself to a renowned music school where you can have short and affordable guitar lessons. Learn guitar music theory before anything else as well, to understand you’re doing in general.

  1. Purchase your Own Guitar

You should not only purchase your own guitar but you need to get the right guitar that best suits you. As a first timer, buy an acoustic guitar.

  1. Get a Chromatic Tuner

As it is still impossible for beginners to tune their guitars on your own, it is recommended to have an electronic chromatic tuner as they do the job in no time.

  1. Get the Right Strings

When you’re already on an electric guitar, make sure you get the right strings for it. Remember that strings come in different thickness and gauges.

  1. Practice, Practice, Practice!

Don’t get tired of practicing the same song, even if you’re beginning to get worn out on the same song every single day.

  1. Watch Online Tutorials

One of the perks of living in an internet era is the convenience that we can get from it. It’s so easy to upload and download video clips nowadays, so, online and watch your favorite online video tutor, for free!

  1. Download Different Scales, Practice Them

Download some scales that get progressively harder. Scales are designed to improve finger dexterity.

acoustic guitar

  1. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Don’t stick to one guitar style. Try all kinds of guitar playing style first before concluding on what you want to master. (Rhythm, lead, fingerpicking).

  1. Be Adventurous

Don’t stick to one genre only. Try different kinds of genre to know which ones really suit you most.

10.  Try Playing the Piano

Last but not the least, you can also try learning to play the piano. Pianos and guitars are closely related. As you progress on your piano skills, your guitar skills will surely improve as well. This happens especially when you’re trying to learn to read notes.


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How a Locksmith Saved My Day and Guitar

As a guitar player my day pretty much revolves around my music room. That’s where I keep my guitar, notes and stuff that I’ve recorded. There’s not a day where I don’t go there to work on my music, so imagine my frustration when I locked myself out!

The past couple of weeks had been really busy ones, as I was working on a new song and had a couple of gigs around Toronto lined up. I was so focused on my work that when I left my home recording studio I didn’t realize that I had left my key inside. Well later that day I went back, needing my guitar to do a few rehearsals.

When I tried to open the door, it was locked. I searched my pockets for the keys, and that’s when I remembered that I left it inside the room. I yelled out in frustration and started pulling the door knob and pounding it, to no avail.

Guitar and locksmiths

The next couple of days were very frustrating. I left my guitar in the room as well as my other stuff, and I really needed them. I called some of my friends, and they tried the door but it wouldn’t budge.

Locksmith to the Rescue

Left with no choice, I finally called the services of a Greater Toronto locksmith. It didn’t take me long to find one on the web, and after explaining the situation, the service sent a guy over. I thought it would take days before the door could be opened, but the locksmith from Greater Toronto Locksmiths got the door open in no time at all!

After thanking him profusely, I got in, took my guitar, notes and key. And yeah, I got the locksmith to make me a duplicate key so I don’t get locked out again. Bottom line: if you get locked, out, get a locksmith.

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